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1 December 2019 lenovo 81em000dus Laptop 2020 Price

lenovo 81em000dus Laptop 2020 Price

lenovo 81em000dus Laptop 2020

  • POWERFUL 2-IN-1 LAPTOP: Intel Core i7-8550U Processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB PCIe SSD, NVIDIA GeForce MX130 Graphics, 14″ IPS Touchscreen, 720p HD Camera, Windows 10
  • ON-THE-GO VERSITILITY: This 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop is flexible & adaptable, just like you. Featuring polished aluminum surfaces and a 360° hinge that effortlessly transitions from tablet to laptop mode and back, it is as stylish as it is adaptable
  • ENTERTAINMENT HUB: Settle in for a movie—you’ll see every frame in crisp detail on the Flex 14’s wide-angle FHD display, edged with narrow bezels and featuring 250 nits brightness. Your sound will pop too, with the virtual surround sound experience of Harman Speakers optimized with Dolby Audio Premium
  • STREAMLINE YOUR DAY: This Laptop Computer is packed with all of the speed and power you need to streamline your busy day – the 8th Gen Intel Core i5 processor provides great touchscreen and pen responsiveness, fast bootups, and seamless multitasking
  • THINK IT, INK IT: The Lenovo Active Pen (available separately) features pin-point accuracy and palm-rejection technology, providing the natural feel of a pen-on-paper writing experience. Use it with Windows Ink, found on the Flex 14 taskbar, to turn thoughts into action

lenovo 81em000dus Laptop 2020  Cheap Price

Meet the Lenovo Flex 14, a stylishly compact 14″ convertible packed with features that will make the absolute most of your entertainment and creativity: premium Intel Core processing and security options, Active Pen support, and dazzling visual and audio clarity for all of your multimedia needs.

The Lenovo Flex 6 with 14 inches HD LCD IPS panel with touch screen reviewed here has impressive features that really works well. The best part is the affordability in this crowded convertible PC market. It can also function as “Tablet PC” thanks to its 360 degrees swivel design and with the optional pen; you can get creative with included software. Even without a pen, the touch screen registers simple & multi-touch gestures really well. Once you get accustomed using touch screen, you will see that using this PC becomes very intuitive.

In this price range, the Lenovo Flex 6 offers a very well balanced mix of features, which you can find only on premium priced laptops, which I find a major benefit in this new 2018 model. The laptop’s LCD panel is good with high-resolution full HD display and the Yoga-like design makes it possible to use it as a tablet as well as in a tent type for viewing multimedia. The speakers are excellent for a laptop of this size and are ‘Harman Kardon’ branded boasting Dolby Audio premium sound. lenovo 81em000dus Laptop 2020 Price

The display’s bezel (only on three sides) is actually quite thin for a laptop that is quite affordable. Actually looks high-end. Granted there is about 1 inch or thicker bezel at the bottom of the display but I found this larger than normal bottom bezel useful as this prevents your fingers coming in view while you type. The camera is on the top and has a white light to indicate its ON. Lenovo has apps that allow you to disable camera from the taskbar.lenovo 81em000dus You could also cover it using a thin black electrical tape! Webcam camera is 720p, which works great with Microsoft Skype.

The keyboard has adjustable brightness enabled back-lighting and provides comfortable scalloped type of keys that you tend to find only on high-end laptops. The keyboard also has a row of multimedia keys and provides easy access to volume, display, and host of other functions with minimal effort. The touch-pad is actually very responsive and features multiple gestures compatible with Windows 10. Scrolling effortlessly using two fingers, minimizing to desktop using 3-finger grab all works great.
lenovo 81em000dus Laptop
The laptop also has a fingerprint sensor, which is Windows 10 “Hello” capable, which I found very useful. The quality of the laptop is better than expected for the offered price range, it does not feel like cheap plastic and the brushed metal look gives the laptop a high-class look. This is of course little heavy but relatively thin laptop. It weighs in at 3.5 pounds and about 18mm thick.

The laptop is very snappy, all the included applications worked right out of the box; there was no hanging, lagging and there were no crashes. The review sample given to me had Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8550U CPU @ 1.80GHz, with 16GB of DDR4 RAM (SK Hynix HMA82GS6CJR8N-VK); The SSD had a capacity of 256GB, which is a M.2 type model number HFS256GD9TNG-62A0A (SK Hynix.) Granted, it is not the best M.2 “PCIe SSD” currently in the market but in my tests, I found out that the Windows 10 OS boots in under 15 seconds, which I consider plenty, fast enough for a laptop of this price range.
lenovo 81em000du
The motherboard had a built-in Intel HD VGA (620), which drives the LCD panel, also a GeForce MX130 discrete sitting on PCI Express x4 Gen3 bus, dedicated video memory 2048 MB of GDDR5 type: Realtek 8822BE Wireless LAN 802.11ac PCI-E NIC. Wi-Fi Wireless. You also have Bluetooth 4.1 for file transfers and audio device pairing. The laptop has ‘secure boot’ enabled, also has a TPM module, which gives Windows 10 the cryptographic operations. This also means it is harder to tamper using malicious software, which is good for you as a customer & the hardware manufacturer (Lenovo) & software provider (Microsoft).

[+] Good build quality, feels sturdy, does not look cheap! Touchpad works great!
[+] LCD panel is good quality, FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS multi-touch anti-glare and good viewing angles.
[+] Battery life is better than average, works for about eight hrs. Also has fast charging options!
[+] Boots fast under 15 seconds, wakes up fast too. Has fingerprint sensor with Hello compatible!
[+] All included applications worked right out of the box, No hangs or crashes!
[+] Tablet PC mode is a plus. You can do creative things using the optional pen.
[+] You can double your laptop as a gaming device using XBOX app from Microsoft
[+] Has USB-C port, Always ON USB 3.0 port for charging your phone. Has HDMI port, SD card slot.
[+] Has a standard 3.5mm audio combo jack perfect for wired headphones & gaming headsets

CONS:lenovo 81em000dus
[-] Little bit heavy at 3.5 pounds
[-] The discrete graphics GeForce MX130 is not compatible with Microsoft mixed Reality (VR)

Even with the very few minor CONs listed above, which I have discovered thus far, the laptop is very capable looks good and feels good in hand, It is otherwise fully functional thereby not affecting my overall impression. I however caution you that you need to get the “top-most” model “81EM000DUS” or better offered here. Please note that Lenovo makes laptops that are affordable for the masses but please do not get too stingy trying to save additional $200 on the low-end model in the Flex-6 series, please make yourself a favor and get the Lenovo Flex 6, 81EM000DUS model which has INTEL i7-8550U CPU and 16GB RAM and you will be happy with it.

Bottom-line: Excellent value! – Highly recommended – Five star rating!


06/15/2018 EDIT: Getting most of your battery information:
Please note: Getting 8+ hours of battery life requires some tweaking, You need to monitor your CPU usage and get rid of applications that consume more CPU resources. I got rid of the antivirus software that came installed (30-day trial) and several other unwanted apps, Disabled several unwanted services that starts automatically & also got all the latest updates from Microsoft and Lenovo and now I am getting average of 6-7 hours on the battery.

lenovo 81em000dus Laptop 2020 Price

Here is how you do it:
Open command prompt in administrator mode and run this command:

c:\> powercfg – energy

This will generate a comprehensive report in HTML format (energy-report.html) that will let you know what applications are consuming CPU and follow the guidelines in the report as well as see how well your battery is performing… You can get the details of Battery Design Capacity as well as how well the battery charging via the Last Full Charge capacity details, if this value is lower than designed capacity.. it means that battery is in the process of dying… lenovo 81em000dus 

Hope you find this information useful.

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Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
14″ HD 11.6″ HD 14″ HD 14″ HD 15.6″ FHD 14″ HD
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pen Included
No No No No No Yes
Black Mineral Gray Black Black Onyx Black Black
Intel Core i7-8550U Intel Pentium Silver N5000 AMD Ryzen 3 2200U Intel Pentium 4415U Intel Core i7-8550U AMD Ryzen R5-3500U
NVIDIA GeForce MX130 Intel Integrated UHD 605 Radeon Vega 3 Graphics Intel Integrated HD 610 NVIDIA GeForce MX130 Radeon Vega 8 Graphics
Battery Life
Up to 10 hours Up to 6 hours
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